Topic with tons of Ideas for Coding!


So I know what you’re thinking…
“Search before you post, there’s already idea topics!”
…But recently a lot of Hopscotchers have been asking for ideas, and the others are kinda old, plus this one is different. There are a lot of different sections full of ideas, so you’re sure to get a good one. The sections will each have different lists. There’s even an area in each section for you to add ideas! I’ll list the rules of the topic, and then get to the sections.


  1. Only edit your ideas into the areas for editing!
  2. Please don’t add an idea that’s already been added!
  3. Stay on topic!
  4. Don’t edit the main post, title, or tags. (Not including the areas for your ideas.)
  5. Be nice!
  6. Have fun!


Trail Art Ideas

welcome to the trail art section! There are lots of different ideas for trail art here!

Objects, Animals, and More:

  • Animals. Animal trail art is fun to code!
  • Food. Food trail art is fun and easy!
  • Objects with faces. These are usually really cute!
  • Jewelry. These are fun, easy, and really pretty!
  • Places. Try a city, volcano, beach, or other cool places!
  • General objects. Like a bed or tea cup! These are fun!
  • Characters. Characters from books, tv shows, apps, or your own!
  • Abstract. Try an abstract trail art! These are amazing!
  • Logos. Logos coded with trail art are awesome! Try one!

Trail Art Ideas for Beginners:

  • Balloon. Balloon trail art is something simple and easy to start with!
  • Shapes. Try coding a shape from trail art! These are fun and easy!
  • Simple foods. Like bread or a cake! These are great for beginners!
  • Fish. If you’re new to trail art, try a fish! They are are fun to code!
  • Stick man. This one is easy! Great if you are just starting!

Advanced Trail Art Ideas:

  • Shaded trail art. Try a trail art with shading! These are cool!
  • Realistic trail art. Try a realistic trail art! Like food, or an object!
  • Coding. Try a trail art of Hopscotch blocks coding something!
  • Detailed trail art. Try a trail art of something with lots of details!

Editing Area:
edit your ideas for trail art here!

Pixel Art Ideas

Welcome to the pixel art section! Here you’ll find ideas for pixel art!


  • OCs. Try doing a pixel art of your own character!
  • Game, tv show, book, or app characters. Like Pokemon, Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Five nights at Freddys, and many more! Try one!

Objects and Animals:

  • Food. Food pixel art is awesome! Try coding some!
  • General Objects. Like a book, toy, or other cool objects!
  • Animals: These are cute and cool! Try coding an animal pixel art!

Mix of Ideas for Pixel Art:

  • Scenes. Try a scene pixel art! Like a beach or a city!
  • Shapes. Try a heart or a star! These are great for beginners!

Editing Area:
Edit your pixel art ideas here!

Game Ideas

Welcome to the game section! Here you’ll find a ton of different game ideas!

General Game Ideas:

  • Tutorials. Try the video tutorials in Hopscotch! They are very helpful!
  • Racing game. Like a boat, horse, car, or other thing, race!
  • Food game. Try to make a food truck or restaurant or cooking game!
  • Care game. Pet care, day care, and more! These are fun!
  • Make a scene game. Try making a game with lots of drag able objects!
  • Platforming Game. Try making a platforming game! These are super cool!
  • Make an exploration game. Try making a game with lots of secrets and surprises!

Editing Area:
Edit your ideas for games here!
Bounce balls off platforms for points.

Other Ideas

welcome to the “other” section, will you find lots of different ideas for projects!

Movie Ideas:

  • Animal Movie. Code a movie about animals on Hopscotch!
  • OC Movie. Code a movie about your own characters on Hopscotch!

General Other Ideas:

  • Art pad. Art pads are cool, fun, and awesome for drawing!
  • Shape art. Shape art is easy and fun to code!
  • Text art. Text art is awesome! Try coding some!
  • Backgrounds. Backgrounds are fun to code and really cool!
  • Coloring book. Try coding a coloring book! They are fun!

Editing Area:
Edit your ideas for projects here!

Inspiration Section

Welcome to the inspiration section! This whole section is just a bunch of words and phrases, to give you inspiration for a cool project. There is only one area/list in this section, and it is for anyone to edit!

Inspiration Area:

Hot dogs
iPad or iPhone
Teddy bear
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 2DS
New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 2DS XL
Famicom controller
NES controller
SNES controller
N64 controller
GameCube controller
Wii Remote
Wii Classic Controller
Wii U Classic Controller
Nintendo Switch Joycon
Nintendo Switch Classic Controller

Have fun!


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