Topic where you post when you are ready to quit



I've seen over 10 new topics about quitting so just post here when the times up and your movin on. Please no flame wars though.


I realize it's been 4 days since I left and I never made any announcement besides changing my profile and description. I know I tried to leave but came back, but that time, I thought I had to leave. This time, it's my own choice. I think that this is best for everyone- myself included- if I were to move on. However, I know my password by heart, so maybe you'll see me active every once in a while over the next few years (probably not, but who knows). I really hope you all know how greatful I am to this whole community. You are all amazing coders, and I hope you keep up the great work. Stay awesome. Goodbye.


You inspired me, a lot.

I am amazed by how amazing, and creative your projects are.
They're so fun, and funny! :D

You have had so many creative, and awesome ideas, that I couldn't even come up with.
Those awesome ideas inspired me. :D

And... Your meme...

It's incredible.
It is really awesome, and thank you for making the illuminati edit. :D

You're awesome! :D

Here's a :D.

Goodbye. ;-;


... ;-; ...
... ;-; ...

You inspire me... ;-; ...

You are so inspiring...

Thank you for making amazing projects.
Whenever I see your amazing projects I'm in awe. :D

You are an amazing coder.

You will be missed. ;-;

... ;-; ...
It's dangerous to go alone, take this potato.


I know ;( I'm so sad to hear


Goodbye, I will miss you. ;-; I remember that day when you remixed my project, with the letter. It meant so much to me. Thank you for the shoutout, and thank you for your time on hopscotch. Good luck! ;-;


I just can't stop staring at that potato... How did you put it there?


I got a potato from the Internet.
Then i clicked this:

Then I made it smaller by editing width and height! :D


I can't believe that @SmilingSnowflakes is reading this! :0 @Pingu too!


We need you! It's another bot war!



So... Your gone?


Goodbye, please visit us every once in a while.

I respect you decision, and I will not pressure you to change it.

But you have done this community very well, thank you for that.

Goodbye, and good luck.

I'm also going to spam like you from my secret account... Not like you'll ever see I though. :pensive:


Whoa. Hold on.


How? Why? Oh please come back and answer me! :grin:


You have a secret account?


I'll be on forum until 7:00 to answer any last questions. I realize that I didn't really really give any warning before leaving, so I'm doing this in case anyone had anything they wanted to ask. I'll only be on forum, but I can go onto hopscotch if anyone asks. I'll be deleting the app tonight at 7:00, but until then, just tag me.


@hansonnoah why? Your a gr8 person who's doing not so great things, I love you


Sorry. I can move this to a different topic if you want.


It's okay, it's on topic
Goes to follow you, I love you so muc


Okay, I guess my leaving Q+A didn't really work out. Anyways, it's over now. Good luck coding! Bye!


Yay! you're still here!

EDIT: Oh, you're still leaving. :frowning:


Without you, @Rawrbear might leave again!
I really like your projects!
But, goodbye! :cry: