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Hi! In this topic, you can find links to useful topics, common bugs and frequently asked questions!

This is on Global Edit, so you can add topics to the different categories anytime you want.

FAQ and answers

Frequently Asked Questions covering both the Forum and the Hopscotch App.

How do you create a group?
Custom Groups

Why can’t I see my topic?
Can’t access my General Topic
What happened to my Topics?
I can’t find my topic!

How do you get featured?
Nominations for Featured
The ultimate guide to getting featured!
Some Tips For Getting Featured

FAQ Topics

What are Trust Levels? FAQs
Hopscotch FAQ
FAQ (for the Forum)

Useful Topics

Community Guidelines

Talk to a Hopscotcher (III)

Topic portals

Compilations of useful links.

MobCraft’s Topic Portal
Topic Portal and FAQ
Forum guide through links

Idea lists

Idea lists/compilations.
100 things to code
Idea List of Plausible Doom

Drawing Topics

All the Drawing Topics.
Total amount of posts: estimate 97000 (to be specified)

Current Drawing Topic: 12


The First


The History of Mass Tagging (outdated)
Hopscotch outside Hopscotch

Forum Tutorials

Forum Tutorial
Forum tips and tricks
A guide to preferences

Hopscotch Tutorials

Advanced Crossy Road
Basic 3D emojis
Scrollable Website
Fast Bold Text
Hopscotch Academy
How To Make “3D” Ice Cream
How to make fast smooth pixel art

Common bugs

Shuffled Numberpad Bug!
Drawing Spikes
Search doesn’t work

General Topics

General topics
The “general_topic” tag

Coan’s General Topic
KVJ’s General Topic 3
MobCraft’s Topic
Enchanted’s Topic
CC/Disky’s Topic
Kiwicute’s Topic
Intellection’s Topic
Murphy1’s Topic
Rainboom’s Topic
Smishy’s Topic
SmilingSnowflakes’s Topic
TheRealBlah’s Topic
Gilbert’s Topic
HFB’s Topic
Maltese’s Topic
SmileyAlyssa’s Topic
BerryFOX’s Topic
Paige1212’s Topic
Awesome_E’s Topic
Steelhooves’s Help Topic
Phase Admin’s Topic
KarmicSans2’s Topic
thebestest’s topic
MR.GAM3R’s Topic
WynterDiamond’s General Topic
Mathgirl’s General Topic
Gobli’s General Topic
ISNBN’s General Topic
Rex’s topic
BB-Box’s General Topic
HopedHopers Derelict General

Many links copied from @MobCraft’s Topic Portal.

If you can think of another category to add, please tell me :D

I will need help with adding topics to this, so i’ll use the OMTL.

Hi! I'm PixelPOP!
Hello, Hopscotchers!
I don't know what I'm doing
Hello everyone! I'm new here!
HopscotchRemixer's Topic Wormhole

This is a great topic, I will add a few of my topics in there and some other topics too!


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I saw your project about stage size, but I have seen that before a while ago, and I wanted to let you know something secret…

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