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My typing is lagging, whatever,

So anyways

So I’m thinking of creating a simple version of:

I know it’s complex and all but let’s start off by simplifying it:

  • There’s one city (idk, Viridian?)
  • Around the city is an endless area of open fields with patches of grass.
  • Unfortunately I will have to pixelate Pokemon which will take forever
  • You will start with a starter and that’s the only Pokemon you battle with.
  • You catch other Pokemon but they are dumped into your PC (too many will make coding hard for me)
  • When you use a move it is randomised.
  • Your goal is to find and catch a legendary.

I know that this is different, but I’m trying to make it easier for me to code.

And for you guys:

Around how many Pokemon should there be in the game? (remember that I have to pixelate all of them)

  • 5-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-20
  • 20-50 (This will seriously take forever)

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I know that very few of you guys pixelate texts, but does anyone have an efficient way of doing so, even cloning which will be faster?

  • Yes
  • If you do not procrastinate, yes
  • Maybe, depending on your motivation
  • No (inform me why)

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BTW this is all Gen1.
Thanks for putting time and effort to read this! (^_^)


Good luck on the game! I have never played Pokemon games so I hardly know anything about how it works and the difficulty of making it in Hopscotch. Looking forward to playing it and if you need any help with code just feel free to ask.


For making the pokemons look good I would recommend you to use the same method as COAN used in his Darth vader pixel art.


And what is that? Clones?


ive tested it and it looks and works really good.
I can get a link later, I’m on computer rn


If think I might use the safari zone…


@BlastFusion your capable of coding anything if you put your mind and dedication towards it :smiley: