Okay, so I has an idea. What if I had one topic... For everything? Issues, featured, anything! If you have ideas on it, reply below with your idea! Thanks! :wink: Edit this with your name below!

Ideas go under this line!

Could you tell us how to improve our games and projects?

You could not focus on the amount of likes your getting, you could also try your hardest on a project, make a link on the forum, or email hopscotch to tell people what you need to improve :wink: - ANONYMS

Why is it important to focus on the quality of the project and not the amount of likes?

Because quality leads to likes, but not vice versa

Why do you think art gets more likes than coded projects?

If you had to put the types of users on hopscotch into a pie chart, what would it look like

If you put more effort into projects you will get more likes:D, not that likes matter though, because they don't, it just matters if you feel that you like your project, not what others think:D- smishsmash

We Can Make It Like Scratch : D-Pokemon101

Make the reset button have a conformation , like if you draw, you don't clear your whole drawing


Make sure you click the note pad to make it editable :wink:


No, not for us at least! :wink:


Eh, I guess I don't have to reuse the topic. Just put ideas below!


Odd. Each time I try to make it editable, it changes back. Don't edit your post. Let me try again.
Edit: It's showing up now.


Kinda defeats the whole purpose of the forum, and it could be really unorganized. Could you explain more about what you mean?


I mean like one topic where I could explain whatever! Not LITERALLY everything.


Ahh I see, like MagmaPOP's random topic? (but without the tagging thing) Cool!


Yep! Okay, I would prefer people to edit it with ideas, but you can reply with ideas!


Your topic is approved by the FDA.
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This is a cool topic :slightly_smiling:


10th like!


Soooooooo, it's official


Any other ideas? I'm looking for specific stuff, not things like "How do I make a game?". Things like "Why is it important to ...". Hopefully you get it. :wink:


Let the pressure out on here!?


Hey guys,
I've been thinking, and I decided maybe I should make a "Random Topic" (like @Follow4LikesOfficial's), but would that be allowed? Because if I make one, everybody would want to join.


How bout' I make the topic, but it's a lounge for all us regulars.


Plus it was approved by @Follow4LikesOfficial


Yeah, good idea! :wink:
Just try not to tag any non regulars, they get a notification, but when they try to get in, it says they can't..


I don't think a random topic would be allowed. It is a hopscotch forum, and the lonely crew was closed because it was too off topic and a forum party. The same may happen to this one.

I hope you understand :relaxed: