Topic Nukes: Discussion Topic (do not nuke me please) (YO!LOOK HERE)



Heeeey Bois
So. Topic nukes.
They lag topics and break them. I’m personally not too hot on the idea. I think it would be the cause of a, well, war. And not a fun ol’ flame war. As in, killing topics and breaking them. A nuclear war, so to speak.
Anyway, back to Topic Nukes.
When you do one, please please PLEASE ask the OP first, and put it in a details folder. They make many errors in my HTML mod I got, and lag my phones. They basically make topics unusable and deserted. They also take up storage in the forum.
And some people may use in unwisely.
I don’t know why people use them, but if you do, use 'em wisely.
TL;DR: Topic nukes may be the end of us. Use them in a good way, because you may be making more problems than you are solving them.

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First like and post! I agree with this. One of my topics was nuked







5th post! Yes! I got it!






Why? There isn’t really a need to talk about this


I mean I think most people get the point after the first post


10th post! Yay I got it


Wrong topic sry
It was for another yopic


How do you nuke topics?


You make some text REALLY big. Using the <big> think 100 times


Well I’m sorry for inventing them

Kind of


Ummm yeah. It led to the destruction of one of my topics
15th post! Yay


Nah you cool cool
I wasn’t out of bad intent.


Please stop… It’s not funny anymore.


It can stop flame wars.


Almost every time it’s been used is to either annoy people or close topics that shouldn’t even be closed. There are some topics I actually liked viewing that I can’t anymore because they’ve been bugged out. We can’t close topics for a reason.



Sometimes, it does annoy the heck outa peeps but, it’s kinda cool!