Topic Making Guide- Part 1: What is a topic, and what is it’s purpose?



Hello there, I am creating a small series of topics about topics and how they should be used correctly, because quite frankly they are missused a lot, no matter how much they are brought up in the community. I am just going to try summarize them in this series of topics.

What is a “topic”?
Since I want this to be a full fledged topic about topics, we have to go over all the aspects of a topic. The short answer is that a topic is a place to post things about a specific thing, which most often is generalized actually. A topic is just an organization of ideas, it puts everything in one place, easy to find something, rather than there just being one big discussion that everyone has to post to.

What is the function of a topic?
A topic can have several functions, and it varies depending on what the topic is about. The topic might be about sharing art, discussing an idea, or just talking with other people. A topic doesn’t always have to have a singular function however. These are called General Topics. There isn’t really one function of General Topics, they just allow for almost anything, you can chat with other people, debate about something, literally anything.

Why are General Topics seen as a bad thing?
General Topics aren’t liked a whole lot because of how much attention they draw in, and how less focused people are in topics that talk about one specific thing. There are a lot of General Topics, many which are probably easily forgotten of or useless. They end up taking up space, or at least it seems.

Why are General Topics actually healthy for the forum?
Yes, you heard me right. General Topics are good for this forum for two main reasons. First is that even though it seems like they take up a lot of space on the forum, they actually help consolidate and group up all the unneeded topics. So even though there a lot of them, one general topic could help summarize 10 other regular topics. Second off, it’s very easy to meet new people and make new friends with General Topics, since there is generally not one thing everyone is talking about. Two different groups of people might be having different conversations in one topic, and soon they might start to like each other.

Next Topic: How do I make a topic, and how do I use it properly?

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This is a very good explanation of what a topic is. Thank you for making this, now I know what its purpose is.


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This is an awesome topic!



It’ll get more likes when people are online. I really do agree this is a great topic.


If private messages were allowed I feel that general topics would not exist.


Yeah, maybe general topics wouldn’t exist, because I guess they don’t need to be there if private messages existed.


PMs do exist, but not in the way you think.


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This is a very good, well-written topic! I love this, and I think you explained it very clearly and effectively!! Keep up the good work!!


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About topics


30% of topics here are about the hopscotch app
20% are I’m messages
20% are random people asking to collaborate with others
20% are repeats of other topics or art topics
10% is how to create a topic or an annoying topic topic


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This topic is super well written! This is really helpful for people asking what a topic is, but also for more experienced forum members. :clap:


Please put this under #faq because it’s very helpful!