Topic Glitch please help!


Hey y'all, can someone please see if they can look at my topics, because it says I have no topics...

Also, is the newest Godly religions topic not available for everyone else too, or just me?

Please help real quick! Just a one minute check. :D


*Other than this topic, it says I have no topics.


All of the HWC topics were deleted.


What is HWC?

Edit; Ahhhh, help with code nvm thanks so much


It says you've made 73, but only this one shows up.
This might be because you topics were in the "help with code" tag. When THT made all the new categories, the topics in help with code were deleted.


Oh thanks guys! I was like what is going on ^_^


I think it is we might not have access to them any more, not sure if they were totally deleted hmm... I still wish we could access them though :(


That's what I'm thinking.