Topic for people who don't know who is on or who isn't


Hehehe. True fact. He doesn't need to be on Featured to get 1000 likes. :joy:


I've got to go


K bye SummarianStudios!




I called magmapop for a while ago in my dream lol.


And I met some random Hopscotchers like you, @CreationsOfaNoob, @KVJ, and some others in a dream some months ago. I just forgot telling you about it :slight_smile:




Details pls


How did I look? XD


U look like a quadrilateral


Hehehe. a quadrilateral.. :smile:


@anonymous remember follow4likesoffical




Yeah who doesn't


A quadrilateral




@KVJ and @CreationsOfaNoob I don't really know, it was a dream. I just remember that I met you and some random people on some coding convention.


There is a coding convention, or was it just in your dream? Because if it was just in your dream, you should suggest it to the Hopscotch Team. It sounds fun


It was just in my dream, and there are already a topic for a HS coding convention, but it hasn't been yet and it's unofficial. Here is a link to the topic:


Actually one of the hs workers said it would be fine if we could plan most of it