Topic for people who don't know who is on or who isn't


This is a topic for people who are confused about why someone left or for how long or their impact. Basically a rememberance fir Hopscotchers you know and love. First off MagmaPOP. Can someone tell me about MagmaPOP?


He left a while ago. Gone he is. Sometimes comes on to see how freaked out people get he does. Doing what I would do he is.


Did he/she leave possibly for attention?


Nope! He was one of the older ones, he didn't really tell us why he left. XD


Ok. Maybe he/she was going to college.


Maybe, I didn't know him too well. XD


I never got to meet my senepei :sob:! I look up to MagmaPOP. He/she will remain in Hopscotch history forever. He/she must have had at least 30 features?


Yep. He just left, with no notice that he is leaving.


Like gone said nothing on the forum. Also how do you know MagmaPOP is a boy?


From his personality, I guess?


Hmmm I think different because the drawing they make and the types of projects, but whatever. It's proper grammar to say he if you don't know anyway. So he doesn't have personal friends here that may know?


I don't know. When I had my first account, since.. 2015, I guess? I had only noticed him for a while.


MagmaPOP is a mystery. I wish I knew him. He is a wizard at coding. Like super amazing


Is he gonna come back? That's the question.


I'm on the forum while checking out his account right now.


I checked it out not in depth


"I'm MagmaPOP... I code a little on Hopscotch... Maybe you have heard of me... Who knows?!"

This was on the bio, lol! Everyone knows MagmaPOP. :grinning:


Everyone does. :kissing: He's amazing cause every project of his has at least 1000 likes!!


Even if they are not on Featured.


Ya, like he doesn't even need to be featured :joy: