Topic closed due to lack of interest by forum members


I learned my lesson now.
No more posting topics, no more trying to educate users with new ideas or coding techniques.
i'll still fulfill my duties in the 2 collabs i have joined.


Why @Stradyvarious your actually a great person and you know it!


Thanks for that compliment.


Nuuu ;n;
Pls keep doing coding tips, I bet some users find them really helpful but forget to say it :3


Yeah I really like them they are helpful!


@Stradyvarious , I think this is super cool! I wasn't awake to see it sooner, but it really is cool. :D

I really don't want you to stop posting these types of things... Most people aren't uninterested, it was just around 12:00AM when you posted this.


Your topics are great though…


No, I love seeing your topics! And what you make! -pt


thanks @Gilbert189 @KVJ @seasoned.apricots @TheRealBlah @smishsmash
for your words of encouragement


No problem!
Your awesome! :D


Are you going to continue it?

:D :D

Pls pls pls pls

It's fine if your busy or don't like doing them

But I like them :D


i think its better to answer questions when users ask for help.
i'll help out if i am specifically asked.




That's a good plan :smile:!


Your coding tips are amazing!
One of my best games (The Jewel Thief) wouldn't exist without them!


you are already a great coder. You don't need tips from me.