Topic being recycled Yey go green peoples


I coded myself an OC! It's a bubble! Her name is Marina and she loves to be asked or dared things. Whenever she gets asked or dared I edit the surroundings to fit with it and change some stuff around... So whenever you feel like it ask or dare her something!

ONE RULE!!! Nothing that has to do with popping.


I dare her to pop her bubble!


I dare her to avoid 1,000 spikes!


She is a bubble. You want her to commit suici cide? I think not.


I challenge her to commit sushi side! It means to eat sushi as a side of your meal. And can I use her for a story?


Hmmmmmm yeah sure. And she will commit sushi side then!


She did it! @Tankt2016


Now I dare her to....Pop all her ideas and burst her bubble!


? I dunno what you mean, but no.


I meant burst her idea bubble!


Ok. Yeah I can do that.


I dare her to meet my OC, Ravyn.


Sorry Marina can't meet OCs if they are not coded...


I will try, but Ravyn is a bit hard to code.


She has wings. In that case, I have a request and a dare. Can you code her and have her meet your OC?


I dare her to fly a UFO


lol... I dare YOU to pop your bubble, see what happens XD LOL


I dare marinia to become a cloud... Or a rainbow... And let my little ponys dance on her (lol I'm so mean)


I like My Little Pony!


Me too!!! I started watching on Netflix

with season 1 then 2 then I took a break but came back to watch 3 and 4, I finished 5 a while ago and now I'm all caught up and when I watched the pinkie surprise episode \wink wink\ I was like 'it's about time!' For some (not so) odd reason