Final topic.
Poll results will be posted soon
Idk the others but here is artist:
OS: 39%
LP: 34% (Soo close!)
PT: 11%
CT (ChesireTree): 11%
IM (iMeow): 11%


No, we're making another topic with the updated polls :stuck_out_tongue:


Are we restarting the polls?


Okay! This'll be just a backup, then!


When you think that you'll get nominated and you don't:


Yes we are, but I'll make them tomorrow morning



Y? I was first for the Coders

I doubt I'll get first again

If we already have information why can't we keep it?


I know, but I promised people that they could vote for a while :frowning: sorry!
I think starting over is the best thing to do with the new nominees.


;-; ok I guess


i was about to beat uuuu


@OrangeScent1, I thought I was semi-famous! You're in like 3 categories!!! I'm in none! (I'm not begging, I'm stating facts.)


I agree. @Gilbert189 is an. Auto follow, so u should. Include. Also, I'm at 1% so bye

I keep tapping the space bar when I don't want to and it makes all my sentences look weird


Hey, I wasn't nominated. I'm not letting myself in, I didn't do that to anyone else.


He's an auto follow????? Nuuuuu he isn't


Yeah I am! I promise! Want to see my spammed notifications?


Yes he is .-. I was automatically followed to him when I created my account


Sure, but i dunno I follow you.
Yup, I don't, and I've never checked out his channel...?


He is an old hopscotcher. (Was famous and well known last year, I remember) sigh... New hopscotchers dominate


I know, right!!! I've been left behind!!:joy: Seriously though, nobody notices my projects anymore, ever since I left over summer.


I'm trying to light the spark again with a feature. That's why I want to do so many collabs.