Top Hopscotchers Continued


I'm getting the polls ready, I wish I could've been here at 8 like I said, but I had something to do.
And it's flagged.
You guys sure know how to get a party started :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, any discussion from the last one can flow into this topic


Should we keep the data? 20 votes is a lot


Yes, I'm making the polls tomorrow, as I'm really tired today :stuck_out_tongue:


What time is it for you @OrangeScent1?


Probably can stay for another hour


We have enough data. I think just do artists again. (Forgot to nominate FOOD..)


Same here, me be like on vacations. Stay up to 10 P.M. or later.


I'll add Food., but I think the polls and votes are done.
20 voters only? That's kinda disappointing but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering it's been less than 12 hours, I mean :stuck_out_tongue:


8:39 for me. Pm.


True lol
But I'm making the polls tomorrow idc :joy:


I thought you were in the south? 9:39 is eastern time.


Put me in art please.


She is, she's in Georgia.



I like to code, too.


Also, no nominating yourself :grimacing:


Make it on a new topic @OrangeScent1


I know I'll add some gifs to them too

DONT JUDGE ME :stuck_out_tongue:


I never nominated myself though .-.