Top Hopscotcher Of 2015?


You are allowed ONE vote to nominate the #BestHopscotcher2015! Choose wisely. On New Years, an all day poll will be taken with the nominees to decide the Best Hopscotcher 2015!


Also, please don't nominate the same person if someone nominated him/her already

I nominate... @orangescent1 for being a community helper and a great artist

@SmilingSnowflakes and @Rawrbear, you have been rickrolled on an old post... Without a Rickroll


I have to nominate @DancingLollipop for the effort that is in every one of her projects!



That's hilarious!! @OrangeScent1, do you have a nominee? Let's try to keep this on topic and specific to nominating people.


I nominate @LotsaPizza
for being an awesome writer, artist, coder and friend :stuck_out_tongue:


I nominate @Gabe_N for being @Gabe_N:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I nominate @oio

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    • (thst was a poll, don't believe me, check the code :wink:


      You cannot nominate yourself.


      I think he was kidding......




      I know, I'm just clarifying!:smile:


      Not duh^

      OH SO DUH:point_down:🏻


      I nominate @Phase_Studios for being amazing in every way.


      Sorry, but if you aren't going to actually nominate, then this topic has no point.


      Also, someone sets up the poll, no more nominating or asking why so and so didn't get on the poll


      Agreed, @OrangeScent1.


      Awwwww! Thank you so much!!!!!! You are such a kind person @Glitter_Kitty! @Glitter_Kitty should be on the poll! A :heart: for you!


      Ok, if your replying to somebody and thanking them for nominating you, PLEASE USE THIS GIF IT'S AWESOME


      I'm so glad this isn't spammed with "CHOOSE MAGMAPOP". He should totally be in the poll, but not everyone needs to vote for him.:smile: