Top five hopscotch music projects!



top 5 hopscotch songs!

1.Heaven by @Follow4LikesOfficial
2.passenger, "let her go" by @MagmaPOP
3.Demons by Inmagine Dragons by @comicvillestudios
4.Random song by @gilbert189
5.Imagine by John Lennon (in @follow4likesofficial's music kit) by @Follow4LikesOfficial
here's the video:



It's awesome! I dunno why, but your iPad seems laggier than mine, it should be faster. It's ok though.

Congrats to all the winners, and nominees!


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whoa soo cool!


Thanks @Follow4LikesOfficial, @Intellection74 and @SnowGirl_Studios!



Again... How did my project get messed up?

I'm not trying to accuse you but...

Here's how it's supposed to look like.

Did you use an iPhone to record it? If you did, then I understand...