Top 5 things that should be in hopscotch



These aren't placed in any specific order
Number 1
- when (object) isn't touching (object)
This would be very useful and would save a lot of time and open a lot of opportunities for games

Number 2
-when (object) is touching (color)
Once agian it is very useful

Number 3
-a total like, total remixes, total follows, and total plays.
Not as useful as other ones but it is good to know

Number 4
-list of people who follow you and who you follow
Good to keep up with people that you follow/follow you

Number 5
You can send hopscotch made emotes to people that will appear in there activity like a smiley face so on but to prevent spam only can send 5 emotes a day

@Liza hope you like them



I like 4 and 5! :D


These are all good ideas, so I'll tag THT:


My top five things are
1: Importing Music from KORG Gadget and Garage Band
2: A more polished import photo feature
3: Total Follows
4: Proper Pen rendering
5: A better collab system


1: I am 99% sure they are already planning on adding this.

3: There are a number of reasons total follows haven't been added yet, mostly related to bragging and bullying.

5: What do you mean by "better collab system"?


He can have his own topic for his own ideas.


A PM system with a really strict filter :s
And making it so two people can work on code at once with it updating


I have an idea for a possible PM system. Instead of making a word blacklist, they can make a word whitelist. Basically, instead of making it so some words are blocked, they can make a list of words that can be used. If a word not in the filter is mentioned, it will go blocked but the rest of the message is shown. There would also ideally be a button that will let you submit new words that you think should be added.


I would really like PMs. Also, a way to have a group of Hopscotchers would be nice.


This is a bad idea :wink:


Not really, as long as it is updated :s


A blacklist would be better. People have to share passwords for collabs. :wink:


tru dat


Have you changed your mind?


I think both are good points :s


Does that mean you would prefer a blacklist?


I have no opinion, if you could have an alternate way of sharing passwords, like inviting users to an account :s
then use a blacklist for the chat :s


A blacklist would be better :wink: