Top 3 Unused Blocks



These are my Top 3 unused blocks of HS.
These can be things that the community does not use or ones newcomers don"t use
Keep in mind this ALL my opinion

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Lets start!!!

  • Number 3 Sins and cos
    I'm not in sixth grade yet so sins and cos is very hard for me. I understand it a little but call me stupid but I don"t know how to use it. But now Getting back on topic sins and cos is very complex ad if your not that good at math then this is hard for you. Some people use and know it and create patterns (sort of) that are very cool. But for now Sins and Cos is not used by many people at all.

  • Number 2 Repeat
    The normal repeat block is almost never used. It only used if you want to create some art. Most newcomers use the repeat forever block which allows to repeat the code forever. Even the community rarely uses the repeat block. Repeat forever is different from the Repeat block.

  • Number 1!! Move forward
    Do I need to explain?! Move forward is just a useless clone of move x or y. This block moves an object an amount from which its facing. So what is the sole use of this block? Well its just colored backgrounds that can take a place from a good background.

Thanks for reading!! Agree or disagree in this topic and put your own lists down below. I will ask the @staff to close this if we get into a bad fight.

But I think everyone uses values :smiley:


Tbh, I use the move forward block a lot in most of my projects, its sometimes more helpful than others :sweat_smile:


I agree, just my opinion people that don't know that X means move forward use the move forward block instead


A) You don't have to understand the real usage(s) of Sine and Cosine to use them in Hopscotch.
B) Many people use the Repeat block. In my opinion it is much more useful than Repeat Forever.
C) Move Forward is, in my opinion, one of the most useful blocks in Hopscotch. It allows you to move a character any direction instead of just up, down, left, or right.


@UptownStudios great reasons! :smiley: I think you just debunked my list :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks :wink: I can make a tutorial on how to use Sin/Cos in Hopscotch if you want.


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I chose this list because I'm used to use the trail and width blocks a lot


I actually disagree, a lot of peeps use sin/cos and the last two are actually my most two! :joy: xD
(no offense :wink:)


No problem :smiley: feel free to disagree or agree or even put your own list of unused blocks


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Mine would be:
1) Change Trail Color/Width/Clear- All of these are pretty much useless when not making a drawing pad
2) Turn- This may surprise some of you but I prefer to use the Set Angle block as it works faster than the turn block. If you have been taught angles in math, I would recommend using Set Angle instead of Turn as it makes the project look more clean and professional
3) Change Pose- I hardly ever use the Hopscotch Characters in projects and this one doesn't do anything aside from that :wink:


I disagree with you on the first one but the rest I agree with turn and change pose.


Mine are:

  1. Change Trail Color and Width: I can just get a new Leave a Trail block and add them there.
  2. Grow and Shrink by: Set Size is the same, and has a smaller chance of creating a blurry object than these.
  3. Clear or Change Pose: Clear's only a little useful, because you can use Leave a Trail to replace it if you're not feeling lazy, and I only use Change Pose for movies or something of the like.


1) Clear- just use a white trail...
2) Change Pose- never used this, I actually don't like using characters.
3) Set Angle- I dunno, I prefer a Set Speed and a Turn. Force of habit.


I use 2 and 1 often, I just use 1 with leave a trail when I'm too lazy to pull out Change X By. (Which is most of the time.)


I guess I use sin and cos often. Ever since I've learned to use it. I use move forward occasionally and repeat also.


I rarely use... Hmm.

Most of the blue blocks
Bring to front
Set Pos
Set Angle


I don't really agree...I use those blocks ALOT theses Are some blocks I don't use:
•Set angle
•The abilitys it comes with
I just realised my first PROJECT didn't have abilities!


I disagree with all but the Sin/Cos. Ok I was just stating my opinion.

I never use:
Sin/Cos (I'm a 4th grader soooo)
Shrink and Grow By (It's too confusing and weird)
Clear, Change Trail Color and Width (Just use normal Leave A Trail's!!!"
Not Equal To (It's just.......can't you just use a check if else, which will do something if it's equal, and if it's not?)

That's about it.