Top 10 [Projects, HSers, drawings, etc]


Here, you can make "top ten" lists.

Like, your top ten fav HSers, and stuff like that.

Please be nice and considerate of others.


Cool idea!


Thanks, but I searched it up, and after scrolling, I just found a topic kind of like this.

The topic hasn't been used in a while, but should I just recycle this?


I think you should keep it


I think this is fine!


My top 10 hopscotchers

@bluedogmc-official - sorry forgot to add.
There are many others like my top 20 hopscotchers. I wish I could mention all but I'm weary. I'll make time tomorrow to mention all.


Thanks you so so so so so much ;U; your one of mine to


Thank you so much @anikeony! :D


Thank you soooooo much!


Err... I already made a topic like this... I'll go revive it :D


Yah, but a lot of people said it was ok because yours hasn't been used for a few months :wink:


Thank you so much! I'm very happy now!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it !


I don't give eat it though. Everyone says it's okay even though one has been made, and it's spamming the forum by creating duplicate topics. I just revived mine, okay?

Only two people said it was an okay lol


You're very nice!


So are u @CatWithABrush


Thanks so much it means a whole lot!
Even tho I dont really hs anymore lol