Tools for creating Hopscotch videos!

Hi everybody!

Making and sharing Hopscotch YouTube videos has recently been allowed, so I thought I could share a list of some resources that you might find useful when making videos.

If you are on an iOS device:


Apple’s own video editing app has good basic features that are easy to use. It offers the basic things you need for making your own video content and is also free to download.

Built-in screen recorder

To record Hopscotch, you can use the built-in screen recorder included on devices with iOS 11 and up.
Here is how to use it:

If you are on a computer:


You can also download Apple’s video editing program for MacOS in case you own a Mac.

Easy Video Maker

Is this the best free tool for Windows? Probably not, but I have used it for a few projects and I find it very easy to work with, which is a plus. It has a 5 minute video length limit for the free edition though.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows has its own movie maker software, which is not the best and the most advanced, but it works for basic projects.
This tool is preinstalled with Windows 7 and is NOT available for download on the internet! Websites claiming that are fake, do not download from them.

Photos app

The photos app on Windows 10 is the replacement for Windows Movie Maker, according to Microsoft. Windows Movie Maker is no longer available.


A great audio editing tool for editing the audio of your clips. It has many useful filters such as changing the audio volume and avoiding clipping. With some editing, you can make the built-in mic of your iPad sound like a studio recording!


Hey this is super cool! Also I agree, audacity is a wonderful sound editing software, ad I highly recommend you use it if you have a computer available, it will make recordings sound much better with the right settings.


Beautiful tips thank you!


Cool tips!
There’s also this other good editing app called WeVideo. You can record voiceovers in it and add things like frames, sound effects, music, callouts, etc. It’s a pretty good software. (Then again, the only other video editing software I’ve ever used is iMovie and that kept freezing up on me every 2 seconds.)


Audacity is great, I use it a lot.


If you want to do something really cool:


Ooh very nice topic
Will be super helpful for a lot of people


I can give an account that Win10 photos is the worst way to attempt to edit a video.

Also, I suggest adding a few higher grade / more professional programs to your list:

  • iOS has a super powerful app called “LumaFusion” and is a video editor that actually gives you full control of the video, unlike nearly all other apps. Only downside: costs $19.99
  • Many free programs can be downloaded on Mac or Windows. For example, Shotcut is a free video editor that gives you more control than any built-in software, although iMovie on Mac is probably easier to learn and use.
  • The two most professional tools are easily Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. Final cut costs $299.99 but can be obtained at a cheaper price through Apple’s discounts for education ($199.99 for 6 apps), and Premiere Pro is subscription-based, the cost depending on what apps you want from the creative cloud suite.
  • Reflector for Mac allows you to show finger movement during screen mirroring (use this to record the video)
  • Two free video or audio converters: 1, 2

Call me a power user (I’m really not) or whatever, but iMovie just isn’t enough for me. It’s good for most people starting out, but once you get further along, a few other apps might really be useful.


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Nice, thank you for those!

The reason I did not include a screen recorder app for computers is because I couldn’t find a good free one. 3UTools has one, but it can do so many other stuff as well and does not feel entirely clean.


Hm… good idea! I recently got some games on the explore page, I might use these.



I think with the rise in Hopscotch YouTube channels and content creators making tutorial, gameplay, and Hopscotch related content, there should be a special highlight on what apps/softwares to use for editing and recording.

From personal experience, Audacity works great. I haven’t used it in a while, but I haven’t come across any problems with it. Also from experience, iMovie is great for starting out, but I find that it can get boring with its limited editing features and basic structure. If you’re ready to move on to the next level of content, I recommend a more sophisticated app. I’m not saying iMovie is bad or unsophisticated, but that the app is very limited, and as someone who is heading towards the next level of content, it can get frustrating to not have the features that you want.

I use a Video Editor app and Final Cut Pro. Depending on your needs, and if you want to spend money, I recommend Final Cut Pro if you have a Mac. It has a wide variety of features and offers more sophisticated video editing.

I’m looking into getting a screen recorder app for my iPad, since I’ll be using it to make videos over the summer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I’m still researching…

Anyhow, I think this topic is still relevant, and I’ve been seeing it float around my “Suggested Topics” for some time

Thank you Will for making this topic! :DDD


Reflector 3 is what THT used years ago and I heard great thing about it

:thinking: LumaFusion on iOS has great reviews too

And if you want Final Cut, try to get an education discount ($199 for FCP+motion+compressor+Logic+main stage)


Oooh good to know!

I’ve heard great things about LumaFusion. I’m gonna check it out!

Yeah, I think I got it in a bundle with a few other apps


Have you tried the screen recording feature you can enable for Control Center?

I’ve looked for it, but I can’t find it. I probably have it disabled in my Settings somewhere, but I’ll sort it out.

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ahaha, I use wevideo in my browser :sweat_smile:

but it does work pretty well and has cool music? so it’s better than a lot of places

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Settings → Control Center → Customize → Drag Screen Recording

WeVideo xD (hey, if it works, it works)



I know how to find it, it’s just I have to disable a setting which prevents me from recording

Thanks for the help though! :DDD