Toodles Hopscotchers!


I'm so late the the leaving train (pun intended). So yeah, basically I'm leavin.g, well, I'm just gonna be really inactive. the whole demotion thing is really my fault, but you'll read about that later. I wanted to addres.s a few things first.

  1. Rules here only apply to Hopscotchers. But if you don't consider yourself a Hopscotchers, then the rules don't apply to you. That's right. You can communicate outside the forum to anyone who isn't a Hopscotcher. Let that idea settle in your head.

  2. Pricing a kids coding app at 100 dollars a year is ridiculously overpriced. iMovie is only six dollars. MINECRAFT is less than ten dollars. The top paid apps are less than ten dollars. You know what it showed me when you priced this app at 100 dollars? It showed that you have no confidence that any body will buy this app so you have to price it at a ridiculous amount to make the tiniest profit. The only thing keeping those five stars are your very own reviews. :confused: Also, anybody who uses the subscription will never get on trending if they use pictures.

  3. You guys are a great community. I love all of you. You are all amazing. And just because I said all of that cr.ap about hs doesn't mean you should leave too. When I'm active on the forums, I'll try to help as many of you guys as I can!

Ok. So now you're still asking, how was I the reason for these demotions. Y,all probably know about @Hoodie_Monster. Great account, brought lots of laughs and fun, but Liza says its not ok. BAS, Pt, Gilbert, and Intellection made dank meme accounts that were promoted to leader and they were ok, but when I promote mine, it's not. And I make a single PM, while other people are making fifty, and once again, I get yelled at. She said my actions were immature, irresponsible, and disappointing. Well, if that's true, then I shouldn't be on this forum. She then went on to say that the leaders and mods weren't ready to rule the forums and she punished them too for something that was clearly my fault. She could have just demoted me, but of course she didn't want me to feel bad and such. Whatever her reason was, I know it was really impulsive. I'm glad my closest friends here aren't mad at me (tho maybe it's because they've been looking for a way out too) and i really appreciate them. :heartpulse: so. If I hadn't made Hoodie Monster, there would be no demotions. Sorry guys, I take the blame.

Peace out cub scouts! :v:

ps. I know I said a ton of horrible stuff. Good thing I'm not a leader so no pressure. To clarify, I'm not leaving, just super inactive.

4 leaders gone... This is bad
What happened to the Hopscotch Forum?
I'm working to be a leader!
Who is Leaving?

Bai senpai!

I will miss you

I hope you remember me!


Nuuuuuu please don't leave Kiwi. Never ever ever


Ouch. Bai. See yah. Why is Liza unhappy with u?


Bye ;;--;-;-;-;;-;-;--;-;-;-;-;-;--;


quits hopscotch









being regular is amazing


Bye, Kiwi. I've told you earlier. Thank you.


Oh, I understand. I would kinda be mad if someone blamed me for everything when other people did the same thing :cold_sweat:
I'll see you around! A little less tho


I was thinking about requitting but now forget it. To much drama and I don't want to add to it.


Here is a song

♪ Sometimes when I feel sad I go to the forum and then I see @Kiwicute2013 and then I smile! You put a smile on my fave every time I am down! You are my world! But now since you are leaving this place will different. But we will remember you! ♪


Dang. It's so weird not having my screen be list up with all these different colored things and the wrench...


How about you log into @Hoodie_Monster will ya ;)


Bye. ;-;



@smishsmash but it's a school night
@mobcraft @murphy1 it isn't your fault, it's mine. Ever since I got banned, there had been unnecessary drama. Before I got banned, I started flame wars. Blame it on me


Bye @Kiwicute2013 :cry:


I don't wanna make a topic cuz everyone will be laik "WAT NO" but I'm leaving HS 4 1 month k