Too Slow! My new game! In BETA 1.0



This is my topic for my game Too Slow! I will ask for advice, things I could make better and help!

What I Have So Far

Here is the project's link:


The score at the end of the game doesn't work properly, could someone please fix it? I will give credit!




First like and reply!


When games ocer, the number is still counting!


Yeah, that's what I need help with!


Yes please! If you need help with the values (I used letters) just ask!

#7's actually easier to use a new text though.


Okay! If you want to try that you can!


@EnchantedHopscotcher can you help?


@DinoProductions are you working on that?


I forgot the code!


It's fixed!
Don't forgot to give credits :3


Thank you so much! I will give you credits! Also I will tag you when it is finished!


Thicks! Also, I think I found a way to make the final score in game over without using 2 texts.
Do you want this one or the other one?


Could I see the other way then I will decide is that okay?


The first way or the second way? :3


What do you mean? @DinoProductions


Choice1:The one that I did it for you already or Choice2;the one that I just suggested just now?


Can you make choice two then I will look at them both and see which one I like better.


I fixed it.
My @Petrichor account is still out of replys.....