Too much of the remixing giveaways


I think there are way too much people making giveaways.

I mean, that's a good thing, but they use it in the wrong way.

Basically, what they do is this:

Hopscotcher: Hi! Check code for a surprise

You: oooooh!
checks abilities

Hopscotcher makes a bunch of abilities that says something like this:

Ability 1: GUISE, guess what?

2: I'm making a giveaway!

3: Whoever remixes the most wins!

4: So remix, remix, remux!

5: First place gets a follow and shoutout!

6: Second place gets lots of likes!

7: Third place gets a shoutout!

8: So go and remux as much as you can!

I'm not pointing this at anyone, but this is like begging for plays and remixes. The person basically wants you to play the project to see the code. And then they want you to remux it.

They want to get on the top of trending, basically. I do not like this. It's really annoying and it bothers me.

So please don't do these...... It's basically a trending project that's like a project begging for likes.



Thanks a lot for the info! I came across one of these myself, and was actually going to remix it, but luckily I wasn't on my remixes account, so in the end I never did.


AMAZING point made Enchanted! :D

Lots of people work hard and make good projects with lots of code, but instead of these amazing projects being at the top of Trending you see these remix projects. :|

They're really annoying and it makes me sad to see these projects in Trending instead of projects with code. D:

Great topic! :)


Thicks you!

I found out that you've been complimenting my posts and topics lately. Thanks! c:


Nice topic! I have seen a lot of these recently... It's like the lotteries, but different...


Yes. Agreed.


Well said! :D

I was gonna make a topic like this XD
I agree 110%, these remix things are annoying :0
There bagging projects, kinda like the pity accounts.
Should we flag them?


I am sorry for my remix for likes, projects ( I wasn't intending it in that way)
I am sorry :frowning:



This is
I totally agree! This is not ok, this is someone begging for trending basically ;-;

It's really sad that people have to resort to this instead if working in cool games, text arts, etc ;n;


It's okey!

It's not just you, there's a lot of people doing it now and it's becoming too much ;-;


I'm always late…
Here's a like :hearts: great topic!


Ah, so that's why they're on trending... (I never check contests anyway... :sweat_smile:)


Me neither usually! :hand_splayed:

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Yep. That is completely true (Well maybe one or two people are doing it just because it's a fad). I never remix these! (Well I don't recall remixing any.)

Well said! Great job. c:


This is completely true. I have seen a lot of these projects recently, but I never look at them. Projects that has great code should be on trending, not remix projects. Great topic, @EnchantedAnimallover :slight_smile:


I agree with you so much. I've seen many of projects like those on trending and I dislike it as much as you. Nice topic! :D


I agree though on a group account thingy there is one. I dislike that IT got to trending. It was pretty effortless tbh.


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