Too much competition?



I noticed tat there is like 5 competitions going on and I just wanted to tell you guys that hopscotch is about coding not competing but I like the idea !

But the problem is ⇩

First you can't concentrate on your very own project

second when you lose even though you tried your best it is sad

Third of all to find a coding partner maybe you should only check there accounts

I am not saying that competitions are bad

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There has been a lot of competitions latly, and it's been a little confusing.

I like the ones like @Gilbert189's and @tankt2016's, because they are planned out and organized. But others are starting to just get crowded and confusing, which is why I'm not in any at the moment :wink:


Yes nice explanation!


I think the first ORGANIZED competitions are ok but then people made other competitions and wanted famous people to join and it got really confusing. I agree with @SmileyAlyssa


I like mostly being judge instead :yum:...


Thanks! Yeah, it's rules that do it, I think. And making topics for judging, team leaders meetings, and the team leaders making topics for their teams.