Too Many People Leaving



Too Many People Leaving

The Hopscotch Community is shrinking because of the LGBT stuff and people getting criticized because of their religion. Try not to tell your religion. Stick together. This can happen, and we will need friendship in order to stick together and help the community grow big again. It's like a big forest fire that destroyed a beautiful forest. And now lots of the trees are dead, and only a few remain. The few that remain are us. We have to build up the community again. It's our duty to. Don't you agree?

Credit to @LGBT.Coder for the story, I just adapted it.


I agree. The community... it's falling apart. And sure, there are those few that are going on vacation or need to leave for personal reasons, but even those are increasing. Before the lgbt war, there was more of a politic war. Sure, people argued, but no one quit because of politics. And now there's this. This whole... war. Some people are leaving because their getting hurt in the war, and others are leaving because they don't want to watch people getting hurt from the war. It's too much. Everyone's leaving. Some decide to come back in an hour, others...


Don't worry!

I've been on hopscotch long enough to see they usually come back! :smile:

If they don't maybe you could remix their unfinished projects and finish them!

I'm sure they'd be greatful!


I made a topic, it is called "my opinion about this" and well, it gives you my opinion. :laughing:


Um you used a segment of my speech without my permission. Please don't do that. I worked really hard on that speech. The fact that you're using it to say the opposite of what my speech was is doubly offensive.


I liked it. When someone remixes your project and doesn't change anything, that means they liked it. So, I adapted it. That means changed it a little.


I would've been fine with it on Hopscotch. But not the forums. If you had given credit, that's a different story. But since you didn't, that implies that you created it.


Added credit to you.


Ok! Honestly, that's really all I wanted. I just don't like getting my stuff plagiarized. Even though I know that wasn't the intent!