Too many General Topics?


Yes but it will help cus it won't clog up the forum


Because having your own is more private. I imagine what one would be like, and I like my quite one much better than one like that ;D


I respect you opinion!

I get your point ;D


I think one idea is that we could try encourage people to make a new topic each time they have a new point, for example a new project or idea or asking for help.

This is because I often find myself looking for these in everyone's general topics but with topics of thousands of replies, it's just harder to come across haha :slight_smile: and would be awesome if we could surface these things more easily! - it's because other people might find them helpful/interesting too, but might not necessarily get to see it from browsing through someone's general topic.

I think that having a new topic for each idea would make it easier to surface when searching, and also allows other people to join in more easily if they see it appear on Newest (since the title of a general topic might not be an indication of the latest discussion that is going on inside, such as a new project or anything)

But this idea is just a personal case hehe :slight_smile: from talking with other Hops on their general topics, sometimes I find it would be helpful to have a new topic for each idea in a few cases, rather than everything in one topic.


Discourse also has a categories layout, which I was thinking might help out for those discussing about what first appears when you come across this forum (but you'd need to wait for me to grab a pic of what that looks like, haha :slight_smile:)


I'm in another forum, it's talking about an FPS game and giving it ideas, using the Discourse platform, and believe me, it's super organised...

There's one for the topic, and an off topic tag (meme threads ahoy!)

That forum made me spoilt by its tidiness...



Yup yup. I think that general topics are perfectly fine as long as they are somewhat related to Hopschotch. I even made a topik about it!


It's interesting thinking about the off-topic tag idea, I remember people discouraged it because it might encourage more off-topicness, when the forum was more focused on sticking to Hopscotch.

but I think we're at a point where it may be more helpful to everyone to acknowledge all of these general topics and how members of the community are feeling about it – some are unhappy with seeing content not as much related to what the forum was oiriginally brought for, but some are quite content with having a medium to discuss just what's on their mind, and may feel suppressed by having staying on topic pushed upon them all the time – and a compromise that I can think of is having a separate off-topic area.

Instead of Latest appearing, there could be different tabs with Help With Code being a default one for example – which is approachable for all forumers and people who are just browsing the forum from Hopscotch and may not want an account yet – and general topics seem to apply more to 'regular' faces around here, so maybe we can ward it off and those people will know how to find it when they need to.

It's what I've been thinking that general topics seem to apply to fewer people and that's why it seems harder to jump into, maybe, but other topics can often apply to broader audiences. So maybe this could be reflected in what you see when you get on the forum: that by default, Help With Code topics appear first, and the more niche areas can be found by those who are interested. Maybe we could try bringing Categories back in too

I am trying to think about this without being against anything, so I am sorry if it comes across that way to anyone :disappointed:

Edit: yeah, that is one of Discourse's other layouts that I was referring to :slight_smile: Then the general topics could perhaps be put into a category of their own and a little bit more separated from the rest – it's separated, but acknowledged.

I know it's not the core of what the HS forum was made for – 'off-topicness', but suppressing it seems to make the 'suppressers' (for lack of a better word) feel frustrated that it's not stopping, and makes the creators of those topics feel restricted and that they can't post anything here.


With that, I think that's starting to extend into off-topicness in general, and I know people have asked not to have these things on the Hopscotch forum, because it is made for Hopscotch, and that people come here for discussing coding-related things. Then others say that these discussions are important, and depending on what the topic is, that at the basics, there are the values that Hopscotch believes in too – whether it's supporting and helping each other, encouraging creativity, or having open discussions and sharing and listening to each other' ideas, and respecting each other's opinions. And there has been the question of if discussions such as those should be held here or elsewhere, and there is the response that it's not a straightforward thing finding another place, and people come here because they feel with the community here.

there is a lot going on here in this place :slight_smile:


If you combine all the general topics into one you'd need to make lots of them constantly


Yeah. I only look in Hopscotch related GTs.


I am. Maybe they're just busy.


I was saying I might help, I just didn't know how they had the project so far.


Then I would stay in the Hopscotch thing. I kind of do that now. (My GT isn't on topik all the time though, but usually.)


True, but wouldn't it only do it slightly less?


I try. But I fail ;-;


I have like one off topik thing a month. So I fail too. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I first got the forum I was always HS related...then I made my general topic and yeah That's when I started getting of topic XD


Alright, nice topic.
I apparently wasn't here for the "good ol' days" your talking about with no General topics, but I would probably think it was calmer. If we just all talked about coding and Hopscotch itself, the forum might not be to tense. I feel that some people are against others and fighting with eathother.
It's also about all-around not-relevant topics. People would make topics about ":000 I want to chat with someone please come here!". Thats just annoying.
I don't want to talk about two people I know that got in a relationship from here and don't even know eathother irl.

So sorry if you got mad because Hopscotch changed.


But I also have two general topics.