Too Many Flags!


Okay, so this is a problem

I'm waking up with at least 5+ things to deal with as a mod. It's either flags, askimet, and/or user approvings. I don't mind dealing with askimet and user approvings, but we have got to stop flagging as much as we are.

I got 11 things to approve, and today, 7 of those were flags. It's too much, and we shouldn't be flagging as much as we are.

And we shouldn't be posting these "mean things". Most of the time (actually about half of the time), they are useless flags that really have no problem. We cannot be flagging those.

So please, chillax on all your flag rages.




yea @PopTart0219 I think you aren't going to give me regular anymore‚Äč:confused::pensive:...bc people have flagged me way to much and some for no reason‚Äč:expressionless:


I got flagged for saying a word about scratch.......



The last time I flagged something was like 3 weeks ago lol i think


I got flagged for saying "Donald trump for the win" once

I don't support him tho it was a joke xD


Yeah! I see flags everywhere! Great speech @PopTart0219! I've never flagged though, is that good or bad?


Because I'm usually the first one up out of all the mods I gotta deal with them, so it just bugs me so much when everyone is flagging and most of them are useless junk that have no reason to be flagged.


wait I got a question....if someone flags you another mods has to approve it or disapprove right @PopTart0219


Wait, how do you know if you've been flagged?


Well I see it all and have to approve it or not, so…


Oh, ok. Thanks!


I was flagged once, for posting one off-topic post.

I can see why it was flagged, but I was just like "whaa? It's just one post, I got back on topic- you know what, nvm. It's been approved anyway."

But yeah. I think I only flagged once, but it was disapproved because no one saw why I did it, but if they did, it probably would've been approved.

What am I even doing now?

Ok, yeah, I think people should stop flagging if
A. One off topic post
B. Opinionated comment
C. Random stuff cuz ur a troll flagger.

Ok I'll leave now


My post got flagged when I said freaking.


I don't think I've flagged anything…and if I have it must've been ages ago…

Great topic to make OmNomSusie! :smiley:


Good reminder OmNomSushi


I was one of those people. I'm sorry that I did that. I wasn't in a good mood.


it's ok @Phase_Admin......I just don't think I will get my regular back now‚Äč:pensive:


I'm very sorry, I would be very sad if I were to be demoted to member.


ya I guess I'll get over it