Too many drawing pads!


I'm happy that my challenge started something (240 colors =D) but there are too many drawing pad collabs for any one of them to be as productive as it could be, I suggest that some of the groups join up! then you could have twice as many people and thusly twice as many colors (or twice as fast) and you could have better projects released faster, and we wouldn't have a smorgasbord (dutch?) of drawing pads to choose from and the ones we do have will be even better!


Yeah it kinda bothers me too I was in like the very first drawing pad collab and then that stopped and then people just kept making more!! I love to draw and all but I don't like all the collabs


wait, wait, just one drawing pad.... a SUPER drawing pad!!! (don't go past 240 though xD)

(mine isn't a collab anymore, just me, so I can't really combine collabs with anybody else)


There can never be too many drawing pads. Wait. Just one more? No. There can be too many drawing pads. How many are there anyways?
List Em:
Smiley Allysia Drawing Pad
Pop Pad
Shade Pad
Giga Pad v0.5
ObsidianPad (That's my 216 color drawing pad in progress right now!)

Anything else?


@PopTart0219's PopPad +5 more
@MagmaPOP. Three mode, simplistic, shade, and Giga
MP Draw's Shape Pad
@OrangeScent1's Orange pad
Cheerful owls pad and sketch pad
@CreationsOfaNoob COAN Pad
@JaszyKake's 7 art pads...
@SmileyAlyssa's Smiley Pad
@Sparkczy's one in the fix
iMeow's new one
@Kiwicute2016's 2020 pad
@Valgo's sketch pad
@LotsaPizza's Pizza Pad
@RubyWolf1's Ruby Pad
@YuxinaYammy Yammy Pad
StarGirl Studio's Star Pad
@SabotageWarning and @Intellection74's in progress
@SnowGirl_Studios's Snow Pad +11 more
@UptownStudios' Uptown Pad
Inner Sparkle +2
.#CamCam's Drawing Pad
Kluni's Drawing Pad
@BlueBubbles' Bubble Pad
DoodleThroughLife's Pad
MeowXMeow's Pad
CheshireTree's Pad
@DragonLover975's Dragon-Pad
@RenegadeBird1's RNGB Pad

To add to this list, please reply to this comment and say who made it and what it is called

Right now, there is 64




I think I made like 5 of them... :sweat_smile:


I half made one! is mine OK?


I only remember three :wink:


Yea I've seen about 10+ topics on collabed drawing pads :stuck_out_tongue:


The shape pad on his art account


There is a RubyPad by @RubyWolf1!


Why have I been tagged @SmileyAlyssa and @PopTart0219?


We are listing art pads, and @SmileyAlyssa said yours, so I added it to the list!


Ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!


I made one, but me and @Intellection74 are still working on it.


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Take it easy, take it easy...


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i have made like 12 for people using my mystery account and i have made 5 versions of Snow Draw