Too many creator games!


There are too many creator games!!Should we change the topic and come with new ideas,or leave it as it is?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • I think we should come with new ideas,because creator games are making hopscotch boring.
  • Nah,just leave hopscotch as it is


What? Why didn’t my poll come?

  • Creator games make hopscotch boring so let’s make games with new ideas
  • Nah,hopscotch is ok as it is

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Is hopscotch ever ok anymore


I vote we change our ideas from creator games to some other games


someone’s asking the real questions here


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I doubt that will work. Because people are able to code anything and if they want to make a creator game then we cant really stop them.


@Aariv It really does’nt matter because these creator games are what make Hopscotch remain a coding app. Too many people roleplay and do art on Hopscotch so yeah, let people make creator games and keep Hopscotch a coding app!

@Ducks_Happy I think you will agree!


I agree with @Ducks_Happy that people,can code what they want

But I think that THT should start featuring different types of projects instead of so many creator projects


Agreed @itzMya!


Yes, I completely agree.


What do you mean with “Creator games”? Are you talking about games like “Create your own donut”?


Stuff like this


These were all on featured among many many more like it. Not that I’m saying they didn’t deserve it…but I would like to see more diverse projects up there.


I agree that creator games have become ubiquitous, but if a creator game is done well, I think that it’s deserving of featured or trending. Also, creator games are easy to make, which makes them good for beginners.


There were two wolf/dog projects on featured that had shape art almost exactly the same…


Agreed.And that’s the point!I We know what happens in creator games.we should make games with other ideas.


We do make other great ideas, however, Featured just shows select projects. THT is in charge of selecting those projects. THT are the ones who need to feature diverse projects. More creator games on featured doesn’t mean, as a whole, us hopscotchers make too many.


Helicopter Rescue! became famous because it had an interesting idea