Tony's Music Contest!



Have you seen my topic "New Game Announcement?" If you have, you know that I'm making a cooking game based on Tony's Italian Restaurant from DisneyWorld. If you haven't, I just told you. Well, I'm not very good at making music, and it needs music! The following are awesome music makers and it would be great if they entered the contest:
If you want to enter, reply to either this post or my last topic answering the following questions:
What is your Hopscotch username?
Can I have a link to previous music by you? (Give link)
Then, make the entry and reply with a link to the project.
Look for Tony's to come out on March 10, possibly with your name in the credits! :wink:
Winners Get
1st: Ten likes, music used, Shoutout in credits
2nd: Five likes, Shoutout in credits
3rd: Shoutout in credits

Mass Tag List!

EDIT! The winners are:

Thank you all for participating!


If you want to, you can include my can can song on my profile. My username is Dude73 on HS. :grinning:


Ok thanks! I'll count that as your entry :wink:


Thank you so much! The can can was actually my first crack at music, surprisingly. :wink:


Whoa that is great! I've only had two entries, you and LeGeNd [IReallyMad] who did Ode to Joy...

To @everyone, that's your cue to enter! There's no harm in trying!


I'll try when I get home :wink:


Sure I'll join! When are submissions due?


2/28 so this Sunday


Attention Tony's Music Contest Participants

If you haven't finished your music yet, you might want to get started!

The contest ends today, 2/28, at noon!

I will try to announce the winners by 1. Good luck to everyone who tried out!