Tony's Help! (Not a collab tho)



Hi everyone! You may already know I'm making a cooking game based on Tony's Italian Restaurant from DisneyWorld, and if you didn't, I just told you. Well, it's not a collab, but I need a lot of help! Using this forum topic, I am giving away positions! Reply here to get one, and first come first serve!
Crazy Crawfish (me)
TBD (contest) (feel free to enter)
I really want @Follow4LikesOfficial @Snoopy or @MagmaPOP tho

EDIT: No spots left for ads!

  1. @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf
  2. @Niftynia75
  3. @MYD
  4. @RubyStars
  5. @Stick88
  6. @Kayro

If you want to help me advertise, be one of the first six people to reply! If you want to help give me ideas, be one of the first three! The layout looks like this so far:

The gold arrow flashes btw

Feel free to advertise or help without being on the list, but only those nine plus the music contest winners will be in the credits.
Thanks for all the support!

Limited spots! Reply soon! An example of an ad is

EDIT: I finished the game, I just need to smooth some transitions and add music. No more ideas needed!

Edit #2: If you want to beta test Tony's, reply to this topic with your Hopscotch user! I will accept the first person. Stay tuned!


Can I do an advertisement :D


Yes! You're the first taker. Hopscotch user?


Yay, I'll work on it when I get home :D


My Hopscotch username is KawaiiPixie


Can I help do the ideas? :smile:


Sure! Hopscotch user?


Same as my forum username :smile:


Count me in on this!


Can I do an advertisement??


Of course! 2020202020


You're an advertiser!


What does 20202020 mean?.


It's because you have to have 20 characters in a reply, so it's there to fill space :wink:


Okay, got it 20202020


Can I make an Ad?


Sure! 20202020202020


Can I do ads? (Space space space)


I do it
Please I am great at advertising I even advertised for the Oscars and that was harsh


`@Crazy_Crawfish I made your game ad hope you like it
The amazing ad that took me 10 miuntes to make also you should view this in the app