TOM'z Topeec! YEY!



It's mai feerst topeec
I Weel use thees az a genrl topeec.
Inspeerd bai evryon who mad one beefore me

Dis topeec is 4:
Answeerieeng kuestions
Posteeng proojectz
And more stuf

Aim back so hai

Also, if you can't read dank meme, tell me so when I Talk to you I can use English. :D

English translation!


It's my first topic.
I will use this as a general topic.
Inspired by everyone who made one before me.
This topic is for:
Answering questions
Posting projects
And more stuff

I'm back so hi!


First replie.


Tanks fren! :D


I has retired frm the Chappie-Natuon unteel mai chappie frens r Bak. :D


Omg hai @TOM :00


Ohemgee hai @M- I meen @Annoying_Dog


How are you on this fine day? XD

My dog is actually being annoying rn because he's barking at LITERALLY EVERYTHING. o-0


Omg hai tomm


Vry gud.


Hai! :D D



Annoying, perhaps? XD

I wish someone hadn't coded an annoying dog pixel art so I could code it XD


Dunt woreey fren! :D U can stel do et! Maybee use a deefrent kind ov pixelz?


Tru. Will do. XD

I have no apparent idea why this is still smol. XD

Brb gonna compliment people and make them wonder who I am




Guys this isn't twitter this a place where u ask for help from friend when u have a problem in hopscotch or if ur doing a collab not a place to share personal info and spam...


I cent waet 2 c da gueezez


@Gabe_N I'm not posting spam.
That post was giving an idea to @Annoying_Dog because they said they wanted to do a pixel art of something but it was already done so I suggested they try another way.

I don't even know how to use Twitter anyway. lol


Just saying... 202020202020


Also speak English :3



I'm using this topic to post links and get feedback for projects I'm making.
Just like any other general topic.