'Todo list' for forum


Hey there everyone :blush: I think the forum is an ongoing thing so I'm going to put here what we all currently have in mind for the forum at the moment.

How about we have a vote each week or so on what we'd like to work on next? I think I'd like to let you all have an input on what we feel is most important to do!

Actually, anyone can make topics for these too! Particularly with creating values discussions; it doesn't have to be me :slight_smile:


(These are mostly from the community so far)


Updating responses for forum guidelines?

Yeah I'm a bit busy at the moment. I'll open up to voting later, but the ones under App are what I'll be getting to first :slight_smile: (I am reporting these to Hopscotch)


It seems like everyone's to-do list!


Aww thanks so much for joining in @Intellection74!! Ahh oh no it looks like we were editing at the same time... I'll try to fix that...


Sorry for editing twice. (I think that was my bad on the editing thing) I thought my suggestion took up a lot of space, so I added a drop down menu :smile:


I was wondering if we could have other groups like the Project Official Mass Tag list, just to make it more specific. For general topics, other stuff like that...


Ooh do you mean having more of separated group categories? I think that would be cool :smiley:


Yep! :grin: I can only think of a group like "General Topic Official Mass Tag List" or something of the sort. I'm not sure of other groups that can be used.


This is a great idea @t1_hopscotch! I will add my ideas if I come up with any.


Wow, this was a really good idea! I hope everything gets worked out, it must be hard.


Aw thanks Hoppertoscotch :smile: (it looks like a lot but I am excited for all of it :blush:)

I am sorry about not being able to join in with the Writing Club in the meantime :cry: I can't wait to see what you all come up with though!


It's okay! We all have a lot going on (especially people like me who still have school) and sometimes we can't catch up here. That's why I was a little inactive recently!


Thank you! This is an incredible topic! I will definitely help on this!!

I think this topic should be pinned globally

Lastly, we should also add details on how these were all resolved (especially how you can be safer on sharing collab details). Do want it added below, or the 2nd post?


:smiley: I am planning to link each of the relevant discussions to this top post

Edit: wow I just saw what you've added, thanks so much for editing!


No problem! I'm glad to help!


I have a question and I'm not sure where to ask it.....

If you close a topic, you can still communicate on it, a bit. You can still make one of your posts a wiki, and edit stuff inside it. So, you can communicate this way. I don't know if it's that concerning, but I just wanted to say that


Thank you for letting me know :smile: (asking anywhere is okay!) Yeah I have seen people do that previously too. I think there hasn't been major trouble but if a situation seems concerning, we will take a look.