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I wanted to try these, since I see a few people doing this, so here!

If you are on hopscotch, then you may of heard about my comic, Toddler Tanrums!

The comic is like an object show, but with humans! (they are also toddlers btw) Each toddler are looking to win shiny and super golden crown and a bottomless bag of candy Unfortunately, signups are closed for right now. Who will win the final comp?

Here, on the updates or stuff about the comic, you can predict the winner, ask questions, do the annual awards (forum only exclusive :3) , and more! I’ll keep this updated regularly, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or anything!

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(sorry for the many tags. I’m just inspired!)


my work progress
(this is the total of the all panels)
Day 1: 8 panels
Day 2: 47 panels (more will probably be worked on today)


Predict The Winner!
Welcome to the forum-exclusive Predict The Winner!

Here you will predict the winner! You can only pick 8 toddlers out of 25 so be careful! If your prediction is correct, then you will get a :sparkles:applause​:sparkles: from the many forumers.

Who shall be the winner of the first round of TT?
  • Chris (-awake-)
  • Mimi (Kayla The Fox)
  • Lilith (Kirby276)
  • Sophia (Code Cra-z)
  • Valerie (Vaperonzi)
  • Julia (bidragon)
  • Emmy (Huney)
  • Gabrielle (moonkitty)
  • Jenna (alastor_the_radio_demon)
  • Akana (MJTheStrange)
  • Lana (mapleshade)
  • Bearza (Lucky_Bearz)
  • Bob (Code Cra-z)
  • Evelyn (Cruelty)
  • Lexi (mapleshade)
  • Alex (ConfettiCoder)
  • Takumi (Miyaito)
  • Elijah (ConfettiCoder)
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Hi remember me , maple_shade? Yh I left hopcotch but I’m online on the forum :slight_smile: send the message out if you can. I wish I could see your ttd comic … :frowning: