Today (or around today) is my 1 yr anniversary


So I'm pretty sure I joined the HF sometime in late April of 2k16 (on another account)

So yay, let's celebrate with all mai frenpais

@treefrogstudios I'm on hold but for some reason I can edit this

@braybraylovesmonkeys 1 year since I joined HSF
@William04GamerA I bet u know

@sophia71205 idk

@XiaoMiaoMi I'm not fluent in Chinese lol ....

@sophia71205 I do mind telling u lol

@Kitkat26 I'm on hold but for someone reason I can edit this topic. But I'm not new but thx for the welcome anyways


Cool, congrats :D


That's nice! :grin:




Congratulations!! But creating multiple accounts isn't allowed on the forum. Please keep that in mind :)


Nice name


What? XD

Creating and using alternate accounts is perfectly fine, it's only bad if you were suspended on another account and tried to get around it with an alt. I think you got confused. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree. It's fine!
Anyways, nice job on exsisting! It actually tells you when you joined..checking,...
You joined exactly
Wait! Do you mean HSF or HS?


Congratulations to your anniversary! I am just asking, what was the name of your first account?


Oh, sorry XD I read somewhere on here that they were bad total :thinking:


Really? That's random XD


Yeah, but I dunno where XD


I is a frenpaii ?


I meant to already say this:
1.Happy Anniversary!
2. Did we meat on your other account?


Have a great anniversary! You were fluent in Chinese and left a while ago, right? Hope the Forum isn't too berating ^^


If you do not mind telling me, what was the name of that account?


If you do not want to tell me, I am fine with that.


Happy (late) HS anniversary! Congrats on being a part of this wonderful community for a whole year! :tada::tada: