Today is my 100th visited day on the forum!



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Wow, congratulations! :D


Thank you


Congrats @UnderagedCoder1


Now I have to leave thanks


Bye bye 4 now
Tag me later k


Same it is my 100 day today XD


Congrats! Your REGULAR now!!


But i have been regular for way longer
Never mind
100th visited day...


Congratulations @UnderagedCoder1!

I saw something about you giving your iPad back to school and I think @TheAcingGamer was too. I am sad that at least (I think) @TheAcingGamer was going to leave and I´ll miss him really much. But are you leaving too? If so, I´ll miss you so much!


Thanks dude! I'll basically miss all my friends and my nebraska bro from the snow (@UnderagedCoder1)


Will you ever come back? You are really nice, kind and super helpful!


YEy congrats! :D

I hope you continue to stay on forum for even more than a hundred days :DDD
XD that wording though