ToasterRebellion has left


Guys toasterRebelion has left us.They have had 15 featured.I am very sad that they are leaving​:tired_face:


I'm now sick to my to my stomach. I am very sad . :cold_sweat:


What... What... What.... Oh, no!


I know.Did you that she/he left?Before I told you


Kind of. I was too lazy to make sure, though. :grin:



I fixed the title.


I know I'm not very good at titles and spelling


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Maybe we could make a sort of tribute to her on Hopscotch?


Should we all me make a collab or separate ones


I made a project for her as soon as I figured out she left. I was like :weary:


Best Wishes, toaster rebellion! :D

I really looked up to you, and I still do! :D

Thanks for everything you've done to Hopscotch, and thanks for following me! :D


I saw their goodbye project. I almost cried.
They contributed so much! The projects they made blew my mind, I will look at their profile... Everyday.... Forever.
Best wishes TR :D


Spread the Positivity

Is still going on, try being positive


The last project ToasterRebellion liked was my Angelical Potato. I will remember ToasterRebellion for that project.


She is moving to Florida on the 12! It is okay everyone! If I can text her, I'll get her password to it if she'll allow me :wink:


Wait you can text her? I wish I could text you!


Thanks :wink:

We know eachother, and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here!
I'll ask her for it and I'll play around with it :slight_smile:


Okay sounds good I didn't know you knew her! I wish I knew a hopsocother in real life..


Whenever someone leaves it is upsetting but an amazing creative person it is even more sad.instead of thinking of sad things think of good thing that she did.