ToastedFlame: The Girl Behind the Screen (Autobiography; Editors Needed)



I'll be writing an autobiography! Of course, I won't share too much personal info :wink: But I need some editors! To be an editor, you must...
Have an email that YOU CAN share with me.
Be able to use Google Docs.
Be good at editing.
Thank you!

me want to be editor!


I can be an editor (I'm already on a bunch of stories already sooo)
Also, super cool idea!


I want to be an editor!


Here it is! Hope I can help!
Without the space. You can also send me the Bloodbath pass!


Can I edit? You know my HS email by now...


Sounds cool!
You know my email :wink:
If I wrote an autobiography, it would be the most boring one in the world


Edit plz. Yes there is 2 ones


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I can use google docs for school.


Do I have to give u my email?


Yep! :wink:

Thanks, @crazygoat! :yum:


For the invite do