Toasted Flame acc. glitches? It's weird look at the pics


There is still a lotsapizza acc and a toasted flam acc.?


I have a lot of copycats :stuck_out_tongue:


I see a lotsa pizza act and a to acc plz tell me how to share pics and I will show u


Click the little icon that looks like an arrow coming up from a box to take pictures (it should be above the text in a post).


The top title of the ad says LP and on the projects it says TF? So confused.


Then when I click TF it changes the LP to TF so ??




See? Why is this??? I'm confused


Wow that's weird.....


I have had the same glitch. I think if someone remixed her project before she changed her username, it won't change who it was remixed from.


Woah.. :flushed:


Here's what I think it is:

The you changed your username to Toasted Flame, and your projects are showing up on the account. But I think that LotsaPizza is still encrypted in the code somewhere, so your projects are showing up on that one, probably because of the newer updates (I changed my name :wink:).