To you guys who would like to create an actual game!


@Stradyvarious, I am giving you this link because I feel like it that you would like to make a game and you can actually publish it to the world wide! Please don't take this as a ad. Stencyl is da bomb!


I fixed the typo in the title! It said "and actual game" instead of "an actual game"! :wink:


Whoops! :blush:, typo. TEEHEE


STENCYL?! I love this program!! I'm joining! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Are you going to make apps and make it downloadable? That would be awesome!


Me? That would be amazing, but I don't know how to publish to the App Store! No matter, I can look up a tutorial! Anyway, what are we making? Can we make this a two person Collab only? It's five times less confusing then. Is this a question? This is a statement, right? So many questions!!

I'm tired, okay? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I will download it (when I can)


I don't have it at the moment! :blush:! I will download it later than you can make an account with MK38C email and then send me the user and password for the account info! I am tired too @Rawrbear, doing homework. It's late where I am!


Well, I have your email, remember? :sweat_smile:

It's not embarrassing! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I actually have Stencyl and another program Construct 2.
I've used Stencyl a little bit.
I'd rather make a website and embed Tynker games and make money from adds.
Tynker is quicker-easier to use than Stencyl.
This is my plan when i make enough good quality games for my website.


You guys realize that you need to get through Apple to get to the App Store right!? My aunt makes computer games and apps, so I should know!


Thank you. I knew this years ago.
I don't plan on making an ipad app.
But games playable through the ipad safari browser and other browsers that don't require flash.


Cool. You should try learning c# coding.


I wish i had the time.
Too busy with lots of things.


Same here. I'm lucky if I have 20 minutes of free time a day.


Hey I think we should stay wit hopscotch programming cause this is the hopscotch forum


Doesn't Stencyl have more things/tools you can use?


It's allot more work to do the same things you can do on Tynker.


But Stencyl is a lot more compatible with computers, and you can play Stencyl offline (I think).


Good luck if you want to use Stencyl. I'll pass.