To: work kids coding


This should be fine...@Work_kids_coding what should we make? My idea was some kind of adventure game...


Hi um how about Ummmmmmmmmmmm you choose


I am making tap the money but we can do something else if you want to you choose


Can we use your collab room? I keep replying on yours and you keep replying on mine:confused:


Ummmmmmmmmmmm I need to go to bed can we work on it at 5:40am tomorrow


Hey are you there? I am ready


Ok,I haven't found many ideas but I will keep looking...


Let's make something called hopscotch town I already started it


Ok! What's it like? I was thinking about making a platform game? Which would you prefer?


Ummmmmmmmmmmm it is a adventure and life and games game so when start is taped we will have a video of how it started


Well that sounds like the sort of game that I like! Where do we start?!?


Ok so what should the video be about


I mean how did this person have to leave and start with no money


Maybe some thing a bit like Super Mario,where some important person gets kidnapped. Maybe the hero's wife?


@AHappyCoder read the how to play part on it


Ummmmmmmmmmmm no I what to make up a hero


Where is the project?


Inside the everyone hopscotch account


Do you know the password


I'll try and find a good character...