To Whitefeathers


soooo did you make the google dos


I saw Google docs aren't approved now...


? Dident under stand the reply


excuse me
I wanted to say permitted
My English isn't perfect...


Do you have a school ipad if so it shuld be if not you can use it on the internet


It's @whitefeather's username.


Sorry, but communication outside of the forum isn't allowed ;-;
you might possibly get banned or suspended D:

@StRiKe_Chubby, stop being rude. It's her username, and she can be whoever she wants.


What is wrong with you?! She isn't saying anything bad, Chubby.


Naming yourself whitefeathers is not being racist.

If you were named something like whitekid or whitegurl or something like that, then that would be racist.


@CatWithABrush @StRiKe_Chubby is aculy strike_panzer


Hey, I'm sure she didn't mean any racist things. They're lots of feather colors: gray, brown white, black, yellow, blue...


It's not offending anyone, it's just a username. Her username could be PinkFeathers, it could be PurpleFeathers. 'White' is describing the feather.


Guys, don't tell him that it's not racist.

This is what he wants. To have us feed the fire.

He knows it's not actually racist. He's just trying to be annoying. Leave it alone.




@StRiKe_Chubby, seriously, chill. It's her username. Why are you freaking out? It's kind of racist to say your chubby. If you look so deep, @CatWithABrush 's name could be racist.
And calling someone a pric is also rude...


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