To warmheartedprincess



Hi! I looked you up on hopscotch but you haven’t published anything or favorited anything. Are you still coding because I was thinking of being collab partners with you. Thank you


Hello! You’re new,right?
Not to be rude,but you don’t need to create a topic for everything.
Do you want to recycle it?

Nothing to do anything about you

Hello! You’re new,right?
Not to be rude,but you don’t need to be annoying.


It must be a problem because I’ve made many projects and remixes and I’ve got many favourite projects


Are you WarmheartedPrincess on Hopscotch? Spelled as your forum username? If so, I can´t see any published projects either. And not any favorites, but the user joined in September 2017.


Sorry there’s a space in between Warmhearted and Princess and I joined in about 2013/2014


I couldn´t find that account when I checked earlier, but that´s probably the reason why @GlitteryButterfly1 could´t find the right one.


Do you know tweety birde? Her favorites may give you reference to me


I don’t, but I will check their Hopscotch account!


Say it politely,please! They’re new.


I looked it up, I don’t really see anything. Are you sure that’s your username?


I’m talking about YOU :sunglasses:


Sorry this is my name.:
Warmhearted Princess
And a project I’ve made is Warmhearted Coders Club Sign-up sheet


Can you paste the link of that project here please?


Sorry I found a better project to show and I followed GlitteryButterfly1on Hopscotch


Ok cool! When I searched up “Warmhearted Princess” on hopscotch (try it for yourself) it just showed a bunch of other users with “princess” in their name. I don’t why! Btw, how old are you?


I am 10 years old and I think you’re cool :sunglasses: