To warmheartedprincess

Hi! I looked you up on hopscotch but you haven’t published anything or favorited anything. Are you still coding because I was thinking of being collab partners with you. Thank you


Hello! You’re new,right?
Not to be rude,but you don’t need to create a topic for everything.
Do you want to recycle it?


Hello! You’re new,right?
Not to be rude,but you don’t need to be annoying.


It must be a problem because I’ve made many projects and remixes and I’ve got many favourite projects

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Are you WarmheartedPrincess on Hopscotch? Spelled as your forum username? If so, I can´t see any published projects either. And not any favorites, but the user joined in September 2017.

Sorry there’s a space in between Warmhearted and Princess and I joined in about 2013/2014

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I couldn´t find that account when I checked earlier, but that´s probably the reason why @GlitteryButterfly1 could´t find the right one.

Do you know tweety birde? Her favorites may give you reference to me

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I don’t, but I will check their Hopscotch account!

Say it politely,please! They’re new.

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I looked it up, I don’t really see anything. Are you sure that’s your username?

I’m talking about YOU :sunglasses:

Sorry this is my name.:
Warmhearted Princess
And a project I’ve made is Warmhearted Coders Club Sign-up sheet

Can you paste the link of that project here please?

Sorry I found a better project to show and I followed GlitteryButterfly1on Hopscotch

Ok cool! When I searched up “Warmhearted Princess” on hopscotch (try it for yourself) it just showed a bunch of other users with “princess” in their name. I don’t why! Btw, how old are you?

I am 10 years old and I think you’re cool :sunglasses:

@Leaders @Murphy1 help this topic is s :parking: a m