To @trust_level_4 / THT


Could you please change my title to, PUGS!!!. Thanks :blush:



Plz don't flag! :hushed:


Hi @Allyb! Sadly, I don't think the leaders/trust level 4 give out titles anymore. :(


I think THT only gives titles to people for special occasions. I think winning a contest might get you one, but I'm not sure...

Anyways I got mine for DOS, they might give out titles for it this year, I don't know.


Thanks for telling me @PandaBlossom :blush:




No problem. They might give them out in the future, though. Only time can tell. :)


Day of silence. I wasn't here for it so I missed out.


Yup. It's on April 21 this year.


lol sorry saying PUGS


Sadly, they don't give out titles anymore.

Even if pugs are awesome

i dream of having two little pugs to cuddle


April 21 is less than 10 days away :blush:


I don't think THT is willing to give free titles to users. Sorry about that. ;-;