To the people with a lot of features


how do you find the motivation to move on with that much? I was well over satsified with the 2 I had and just accepted that I would pretty much only be feautured with animations.

How do you do it?

Motivation to code!

Well, each feature gives me more inspiration. I also like looking at games and recreating them. I also love creating new unique projects.


I honestly haven’t counted my latest Features, but I could guess that I have about 5 or a little bit more featured projects. I find my motivation easy because I really enjoy coding and I also enjoy being on Hopscotch so much as it is an amazing app, an amaizing forum and an amazing community that is really helpful and supportive.


Well I got 22 then I became unenthusiastic and not motivated, due to overgrowing hopsotch’s limited potential.


How do so many people have so many features???


I mean, I just create a game. Sometimes it gets featured sometimes not


Looks at my 100+ games


Well, once they build up a decent reputation with 2 or 3, they keep coding decent projects and someone nominates them.


I have given sleepless nights and multiple hours on games and DAYS AND WEEKS on projects and ga,es but I still have never gotten a feature. I have only gotten trending for art. The most likes on an actual game that I have made would probably be 8.


So how do you get 2-3 features


Try recriating a game that did well I. The real market and chances are it will do good in the hopscotch community
Some people examples:


I must have created 1000s lol


Just add everything you would ever want to add to a project. Unless you don’t know how, then you can ask around on the forum of how to do it. Just jam pack the project with all the details, features, and graphics to make the project epic!


Take this project for example


I only have 1 feature… So sad, considering I have, like 50 games, lol


Peeks at my hundreds of games


Here’s my advice on getting featured:

  1. On your normal account, practice coding until you are pretty good.
  2. Create a new account. Make sure no one knows these accounts are linked, and they think the account is new.
  3. Create your best games on this account.
  4. Wait a few days, then nominate it for featured.


I think you’ve given me that advice before.
It’s actually a really good idea!


So who’s the other myPi?


If there is another MyPi… Maybe there is just another name.
Tun Tun Tun!
lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: