To the hopscotch team:



Hello, Hopscotch team!

I know you are already hard at work on the [dun dun DUNN!] NEW HOPSCOTCH UPDATE! [yay!]
But, i figured out a problem on your Angry Birds© game.
Notice how i said Problem, not Glitch.

It's simple:
You made it to where you can drag the bird on the slingshot to where you want it to stretch. Seems good.
BUT! You made it to where you can just drag the bird over the pig Before letting go.
Simple anwser:
just add if X/Y greater/lesser than 300 (Or some other number) Pixels more than the starting point.

I am saying so because i think nobody else has discovered it, and you Might need to update the video.

P.S., You could also add a score counter and some more bird types.

To the hopscotch team problem

It would be good if the bird set it's position to the slingshot after fireing


@DrDuctape, I have done the score count and birds, I have relized that "Glitch", You could do the when ( xthing) = 400 then inside do (check once if) ispressed < 3) (Inside) (set position) to slingshot). I have done the set position to the sling shot to the bird in my latest Angry Birds.


Cool! but i am saying that the hopscotch team needs to update their video.


I have seen this problem to... Though i didn't think to alert...

To the hopscotch team problem

Uhhh, that is my post.


i know...... i was saying that I saw the glitch but didn't think to alert like you did...... i just put the post that i was referring to on my post... (btw this is my first week, still getting started)


Ohhhhhhh... I thought you were saying that you saw that they found the problem on that post.


That won't work it will just rapidly go to the sling shot and then your finger back and forth


The post that I wrote @Games?


An also @Liza, you might want to add blocks that fall too.


Do you mean blocks instead of blacks? Because that cofuses me?


Sorry, @Phase_Studios. i think auto correct messed that up.
but i edited the post.