To the hopscotch team, very important message



Just so you know, this was an email that would not send. @Liza, please read this.

You have probably received a million messeages about this, but I am sending one anyway. The forum has been falling down! People like Rawrbear are quiting (I miss him so much!), people are starting flame wars because of religion, and in my opinion, it needs to be fixed! I am so worried that the forum will just break apart, and I want to do something about it. But I am not one of those famous hopscotchers people actually listen to, so I am wondering if you guys can make a statement on the forum. Hopefully then, people will be friends again, no matter the differences! Please know, multiple people are getting really worried.


? You are famous!


I am? You really think so?


I can email this to them if you want...they might see it faster.


Of course you are!


That would be amazing! Can you tell them it was from me? :slight_smile:


This is so off topic but we joined on same day


Alright! Doing it now...



I don't feel overwhelmed anymore. I feel happy. Now to keep the flame wars away from poor RawrBear.


@Rawrbear decided to stay.


@Rawrbear quit?! :scream::sob:


No, he's staying! Don't worry!


He was going to, but then he decided to stay.


Just saw the post above mine.


Hey @Dude73, here was Liza's response...

"Hi Creative Coder / Dude73!

Thanks so much for emailing about this! I agree with you that the forum has been really upsetting the last few days. I just created a topic in response and I hope it will end the bullying and disagreement about each other's beliefs. Check it out here:

Is there anything else you think I could or should do to help?

Thanks again for being thoughtful and awesome,


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Thank you so much for sending the email @CreativeCoder! I really appreciate it. And @Liza thank you so much for creating the topic and answering back. :smile:


Of course you are! I look up to you along with other people.