To the Hopscotch Team (I need help)



@Liza @alish @asha @Ian

Halp. I want to get back my old account (ChocolateDrawings:chocolate_bar::doughnut:) but I've forgotten my ridiculously long password. Can you send me an email to reset it? (The real problem, is that I never put my email in). No, I'm not trying to hack. You can even check ID addresses and see they were created in the same place. Someone, please, anyone help me.

Thanks if you do,



I have the same problem here i put my SCHOOL email in put we openly get emails from apple and my teacher I just realized that and I forgot my password for my main account


You might get a faster answer if you email THT!


I can't email my parents would get REALY MAD if I did with my home email and my school one never sends


I have the same password issue!


Yikes!!! Have you clicked the "I forgot my password" button? I think you can put in an email there. Or you could email THT, which might be the only other thing you can do. Maybe try really hard at remebering you password? I'm really sorry!


I just found out my password! I randomly typed something, I logged in


That's awesome! Everyone else beat me to it. :wink:


@Sugarisyummy I did that on my 1st account


That sort of what's happening to me I can't log out of my account to do collabs and stuff because I don't know my password


XD I reset my pass and evidently went in to my secret secret account XD
EDIT: ugh I realized it said star-whoops now I lost it for ever