To the hopscotch team awesome Collab idea for update!



When we make a new account make a button that you press if the account is a shared or Collab account and then multiple people an use it at one time and then if you and someone else are using it at the same time when someone logs in to that account a message will pop up in the middle of the screen saying that so and so has loged in to this account.

Same thing if someone logs out of that account or turns off their iPad but it's will say so and so has logged out.

When someone is working and a project the persons username will appear on top of that project and if we click on that project then we have the choice of chatting with them and working or just working also there will be a button that if you press then it will show a list of what that person is doing at that moment
There can be 5 people on one Collab account.

Also if someone wants to delete a rule or something that a different user made then a message pops up saying that so and so would like to delete this is it ok and then it tells the player who what's permission to delete that thing if it's ok or not ok


I LOVE THAT IDEA THAT IS THE BEST IDEA!!!loven' iiiiitttt!!!!


LOVE THAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the extra exclamation marks are because it had to be more that 20 characters)


This would be a great idea @Gabe_N! I could use this with my company that I have, you can join it( you just have to meet the reqierments .


yeah! it would be great for it @Phase_Studios & @Gabe_N, the requirements


Yeah I can do all of those:grinning:


You are in @Gabe_N! 3


Thanks @Phase_Studios
So should I pitch in on the logo that you're making or should I start something Elise?
Also is there a Collab account?


The link that I sent you will go onto the Phase Conpany chat....


it would be good if you could choose who could login


Yes that indeed would be great!:grinning:
No more spammers or hackers coming in to a Collab account!
But what if someone joins the Collab AFTER they're blocked how could you be able to un-block them?


well that is a good point, maybe you as the admin can choose who can login and you as the admin can also change that